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A keynote speakers checklist

A keynote speakers checklist

If you want to be an effective keynote speaker, you have to make sure that you deliver the best and most effective keynote speech. Of course, your effectiveness as a keynoter will also depend on the quality of the speech and the way it’s delivered.

With that said, here are some considerations that a keynote speaker needs to keep in mind at all times:


Know the purpose of your client for hiring you

Just because you are the speaker does not mean that you have all the freedom to do what you want to do on stage. You will have to do that speech primarily because your client hired you to do so. Therefore, you have to do what the client wants you to do.

There is a notable difference between different types of keynote speeches. Of course, there are also some variations as to what the client might want you to do. There are some who want a keynote speaker who will motivate the audience to do something or to act upon an issue. There are also some who want a speaker who can effectively promote their company or organization. The way you will deliver your speech will then depend on these purposes.

If you know your client’s purpose or mission, you will also be able to identify your own purpose. If you want the audience to know how to do something, then you want to deliver an instructional speech. If you want them to be persuaded or inspired to do something, then you will give them a motivational speech. If you want the audience to know the organization well, then you are going to do a promotional speech. Again, it is important that you know your speech’s goal because that will lead the direction of your speech.

Know your audience

One of the most common rules in communication is “know your audience.” Getting to know the audience is a very important thing for a keynote speaker—or for any speakers or communicators out there, for this matter—because this will help you identify how you will have to deal with them. For instance, if you know that your audience are a group of women, you will not want to discuss with them things that only men will appreciate or understand. On the other hand, if your audience is a group of young adults or teenagers, then you will have to present your keynote speech in such a way that people their age will appreciate. (You can include in your speech things that young people can relate to, such as social media, movies, music, celebrities, etc.) Regardless what your subject matter is, your presentation will still vary depending on the characteristics that your audience have.

Do a research beforehand

A research is always important before doing something as big as speeches. The information that you will gather through your research can help as well as guide you through the entire process—from crafting your speech to delivering it.

You can ask your client directly for some information that you will need for your speech. You can ask them about the purpose as well as the theme of the event or the conference, some challenges that the group is facing as of the moment, other speakers that will be at the event as well, and even the previous keynote speakers that have been to the event. These types of information can help you determine how you should perform, and even identify the expectations that your client has on you. You can also do your research using some documents. You can use the internet to get brief background information about the organization as well as the possible audience of the event.

Once you already have the information that you need, you can now craft your keynote speech based on these data that you have.

What Are Badge Lanyards?

What Are Badge Lanyards?

Badge lanyards, also known as ID lanyards, are typically used to carry identification cards and are worn in places where personal identification, recognition, or classification is necessary. Examples of these places are schools, offices, hospitals, amusement parks and other public places.

Different Types Of Lanyards Are As Follows:

These types of lanyards are also commonly seen in large mass assemblies, such as in conferences, concerts, and many major sporting events.

They are also very effective when you need to show your badge or ID to someone in a hurry as it is easily seen on your chest. You do not have to grab your wallet from your pocket to look for your badge or actually show it from there. Wearing a lanyard around your neck is an efficient and convenient way of displaying your ID the whole time at work or any other specific event.

Cord LanyardsBadge lanyards are usually made of plaited textile or some form of semi-plastic or polyester material, although currently there are rubber-made varieties that are slowly being introduced. Technically, it works with a clip or a J-hook at the end where a transparent plastic card holder is attached. The identification card is inserted into the plastic card holder and the lanyard is worn like a necklace.

Contemporary designs of this lanyard include an adjustable strap to suit the length of the item for a particular user size. Sometimes it has a detachable end as well. This is useful when the user would have to hand over his ID to a security personnel or a ticket cashier, for example, during inspection.

Aside from being used as an identification instrument, badge lanyards can also be effective tools for marketing and branding as company names, slogans, or logos can be printed on their surfaces.

It can also be used to promote environmental or social causes.

There are many other items that can be used as promotional materials, such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, pens, notebooks or jackets. Although these things are also effective, nothing can replace the lightness and handiness of ID lanyards to its receiver.

Since these types of lanyards have clips at the end, a user can also take advantage of it to hold keys, sunglasses, or external USB drives. He can even hang his mobile phone on it and go hands-free with earphones if he wants to.

There are so many common modern uses for this kind of novelty item.

As a matter of fact, many of the top companies today are using badge lanyards as corporate giveaways during special events, such as in anniversaries, Christmas parties, or employee appreciation nights. They are also given as promotional items for their visitors, existing clients, and potential customers. Some international foundations and organizations also utilize them to draw in support from public and private institutions and spread awareness of their specific cause.

In today’s business world, branding is regarded as one of the most essential components of a company’s reputation management program. If you want your company to convey or communicate a good brand image both for internal and external stakeholders, then creating a custom-designed ID lanyard that represents your official colors and logo is one of the most economical and low-cost solutions that you can try. Just ensure to have well-composed wordings and a well-designed item that would appropriately signify your organization.

Badge lanyards can be purchased ready-made in different colors and lengths without any prints, but you can also order specially made items that are based on your own custom letterings, images, and design. Because they are worn around a part of the body that is highly visible, lanyards are widely considered as one of the most effective instruments to present or introduce your company or group to the community.