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5 Advantages of Using Rubber Bracelets

5 Advantages of Using Rubber Bracelets

In this modern fashion world, accessories can’t be taken out of the picture mainly because they add more style to what a person is wearing. Some accessories add glamour while some complete a particular theme. There are also accessories that are worn in wrists to convey a specific message – and these are called rubber wristbands.

Despite all of the fashion trends, these rubber bracelets still manage to become popular to a lot of industries and organizations. To name a few, they are used as: promotional items on advertisements; to commemorate a particular event or even to raise awareness on certain causes. The purpose of delivering messages from all of these situations will not be possible without the rubber wristbands’ customizable feature.

However, always consider the occasion and plan the design of customized bracelets according to it. This is to prevent the ineffectiveness of the message for that particular event. What makes them popular to each and every industry out there? Check out the 5 reasons below:

1.    They are good at effectively promoting a specific message :

Rubber BraceletsAs mentioned earlier, rubber wristbands should be customized depending on the event. In case of setting up fundraising events or charitable concerts, it will be a good idea to give away rubber wristbands with messages that contain words such as “for the benefit of…” and “support the….”.

For environmental groups, giving away custom rubber wristbands that support green living and anti-smoking campaign is a great way of promoting their love and care for nature. What’s good about custom bracelets is that organizations could also choose the color and design of the letters and logos before imprinting them.

2.    They are inexpensive :

Due to their affordable price, rubber wristbands can be purchased in wholesale even by small organizations and groups. While large organizations use these items as an opportunity to solidify their brands, small companies can use it to start promoting themselves in the industry.

Whether given by small or large organization, target audience accepts these items and eventually promotes the brand or message through word of mouth. In marketing, this is considered as one of the most affordable yet effective way of getting a wider reach apart from giving away flyers or leaflets.

3.    They are durable : 

Some may agree that cheap products are of low quality but this is not always the case especially for rubber bracelets. Rubber is known for its durable properties and a thick rubber is used to create one custom wristband – enough to withstand a pressure from forced or accidental pulling.

Apart from the durability of the item’s surface, messages printed on don’t easily fade away. In fact, clients can also request for the messages to be debossed or embossed on the rubber surface instead of printing them. With all these durable characteristics, clients are assured that the customized bracelets can be used for a period of one year or two. By this time, a lot of people have already seen and understood the message of these bracelets especially if they are regularly worn outside.

4.    They bring out one’s creativity :

Apart from the message to be conveyed, another essential thing to consider in customizing rubber wristbands is its overall design. It should have an aesthetic appeal to people in order for its message to become more effective.

For this matter, creativity should start from the minds of companies and organizations who want to give these items away. Take note of every details starting from the base color, text color, text size, layout up to the width of the strap before submitting them.

Once done, make sure to settle the total cost of customizing rubber bracelets and leave it all up to the hands of the bracelet makers. Keep in mind that the total cost will depend on the colors used, style, design and number of wristbands to be made. In this case, it’s recommended to get a quote or estimate of total cost first depending on the preferred design.

5.    They provide convenience :

It’s easy to purchase them from thrift shops or online retailers. In addition, it won’t take a long period of time to customize rubber wristbands even as rush orders. Above all, they are lightweight and handy. People can simply give it to anyone at anytime and anywhere.

Now that the 5 benefits of using rubber bracelets have finally been revealed, it’s about time to come up with designs and messages that can attract prospective clients or even influence a lot of people.

How Printed Circuit Boards Work

How Printed Circuit Boards Work

Printed circuit boards are boards that support the wiring in most electronic devices like beepers, pagers, radios, and computers. You will recognize them easily as most of them are colored green, although other PCBs come in different colors. Simple electronic devices only have one layer, while complicated devices can contain up to 12 layers. An example of a complicated PCB is a motherboard of a computer.

PCBDesigning a board that fit into industry standard specifications can help companies keep down the cost of their end products and increase its long term reliability. That means customers will keep coming back.

The Types of Printed Circuit Boards

Single- Sided – Simple electronic devices use a single- sided board. All of the components of these electronics are found all on one side.

Double- Sided – If the components are too much for a single- sided board, they make another board for the other components. The electrical connections on each board are connected by drilling holes in the surface and covering it with a conducting material like metal.

Multi- layered – Devices with complicated components require a multi- layered PCB. They are made up of layers of printed circuits that is connected by plated holes.

How the Components inside the Circuits are Connected

Through Hole Technology – With the Hole Technology, the components contain thin wires pushed through a small plated hole in the surface. They are then soldered to pads on the other side of the circuit either manually or by the use of automated machine.

Surface Mount Technology – With the newest technology, L-shaped or J-shaped legs on the components are directly placed on the surface. This technology saves a lot of time and costs.

Manufacturers today use both of these technologies.

The Structure of a Printed Circuit Board

FR4 – The surface or what they call the substrate, is made of a fiberglass. It is also known as simply FR4. This material gives printed circuits board its thickness. There are also cheaper per boards like the phenolics and epoxies. They do not have the durability that FR4 offers. You will know these kind of materials when you smell them. They smell really bad. Also, they are mostly found in low-end electronics.

Copper – Found on the next layer is the copper foil. It is usually laminated to the board. They use adhesive and heat in laminating the cover. On industry standard PCBs, the copper foil is found on both sides. Electronics that are priced lower only have copper on one side.

Try to avoid lower-end electronics as it doesn’t last longer. PCBs with higher power use more copper compared to a standard PCB.

Solder mask – Most of the PCBs you’ll see are colored green. The solder mask, which is found on top of copper gives printed circuit boards its green color.

Silkscreen – This is needed to better understand the board. The silkscreen, which is applied, on the solder mask layer, add numbers, letters, and symbols to the board to make it easier to assemble. Silkscreen color is white, but you may still use other color like black or gray. What’s important is it can be seen in the board.

Printed Circuit Boards can be complicated for people not familiar with the product. If you use an electronic device and you want to know how that thing works, check its PCB. Just an important reminder though: if you are not at all familiar with the components of a printed circuit board, try not to touch anything if you still want your electronic device to work.

Some boards are very sensitive. What you can do is just take a look at it and be amazed at how such a little thing could give life to an electronic device.

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Printed Circuit Boards can be complicated for people not familiar with the product. If you use an electronic device and you want to know how that thing works, check

The Specials Lanyards

The Specials Lanyards

Aside from the type of materials, designs, and colors, lanyards also vary in their special features. Special lanyards are best for people who want to stand out. Although more costly that the ordinary ones, these special lanyards may give the customers even greater convenience and satisfaction.

Variation of Woven Lanyards

Specials LanyardsWoven lanyards are made of weaved high-quality polyester materials. These are among the most common types of lanyards but they still come in different variants.

Mono Layer Woven Lanyard

In this type, the design is woven into the surface of the lanyard. The back surface contains a negative image of its opposite side. Mono Layer Lanyards are more durable than regular types of lanyard.

Hollow Woven Lanyard

Its durability is roughly the same as that of the Mono Layer, while the processes done in crafting it are similar with those of Linking Woven lanyards. The difference of Hollow Woven lanyard lies in its woven texts or logos – they are same on both sides.

Linking Woven Lanyard

These lanyards are really durable. The woven images in Linking Woven lanyards are visible on both sides. However, the reverse of the original design is clearer.

Woven Satin Lanyard

These lanyards are the top pick for companies that need something classy enough for establishing their name. The materials used in making Woven Satin lanyards are satin and flat polyester.

Elastic Woven Lanyard

A lanyard that is slightly elasticized, the Elastic Woven lanyard is simple, affordable, and yet attractive.

Heat Transfer Woven Lanyard

This Woven lanyard is also made of satin and flat polyester. It has the combined benefits of heat transfer printing and satin labels. Any design may be printed on this lanyard, as there are no color and intricacy limitations.

Other Special Lanyards

These are other special lanyards that offer unique and excellent features.

Reflective Lanyards

These are best for employees who work at night. The reflective label of these lanyards increases the wearer’s visibility.

Reflective lanyards are made of polyester. A reflective label is sewn on its polyester base, which basically makes it a two-layer lanyard.

Colorful Lanyards

These, on the other hand, are best for stylish and fashionable people. Colorful lanyards are definitely eye-catching. For the design, you may choose another three colors to be woven onto its colorful surface. The surface is made of yarns of different colors.

They are also made of polyester. Printing is, however, not possible for this type. The ideal designs are country flags which consist of horizontal and vertical lines.

Rhinestone Lanyards

These lanyards are popular with women who like a luxurious and stylish look. Rhinestone lanyards are made of both plastic rhinestones and polyester. Any color can be applied to them.

There is another variation to this type. Some lanyard makers offer customization services, making it possible to add rhinestones to the surface. The pattern depends on the customer’s preferences.

Zipper Lanyards

Absolutely unique and trendy, Zipper lanyards never fail to stand out. You may zip the lanyard close after wearing it then zip it open again to slip it over.

Round Lanyards

Round lanyards are attractive and comfortable. Their best feature is their softness; they are softer than any other regular lanyard. The designs can either be woven on the lanyard’s surface or printed on the polyester label surrounding the lanyard.

Luggage Belt Lanyards

These lanyards are much thicker than most; they are indeed for heavy duty. You may use them in carrying your luggage. The designs can either be silkscreen printed of heat transferred.

Eco-Friendly Lanyards

Last but definitely not the least, Eco-friendly lanyards are great for organizations which promote green living. These lanyards are made from bamboo, organic cotton, or PET. Bamboo and cotton are both really soft materials but they cannot withstand high temperatures.

Given all these types and variants, one thing should be clear – you won’t run out of options if you’re choosing among these remarkable laces. we produce only the highest quality, professional-looking customized lanyards for companies, trade shows and organizations around the world.