A Slice of History Shared from One Generation to Another by www.Challengecoins4less.Com Custom-Made Coins

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What are challenge coins anyway? A challenge coin is an object, which aims to signify that someone is a legit member of an army, troop, or squadron in the military. Over the years, it has become more popular, but only a few know the mystery behind it.

What do they look like?

military-coinsIf you will have your coins custom made at www.ChallengeCoins4Less.com, the typical size will be a diameter of 2 inches. The coins can also be as thick as 1/10 inch. The coins are made with a wide selection of finishes, and the designs range from the simplest to extravagant.

The existence of challenge coins began during the time of Ancient Rome. Whenever soldiers come home from battle, the king will reward them of their valor by giving them their day’s pay with a unique coin as a plus. Experts say that this coin is exceptional because it is particularly stamped with a legion from where it came. Soldiers treat these items as keepsakes. They make it a point not to use these coins in exchange for wine or women.

Now, it is still regarded as a token of appreciation, but some merely use it almost like business cards or dedications to add to their collection. Moreover, you can use it as an identification badge or sell it in charity or in fundraising activities. If you will have yours done by us, it will be shipped individually packed with clear PVC pouches, but we can also have the packages upgraded by using a velvet bag, coin capsule, velvet presentation box, custom pouch insert, or coin stand.

There were no records showing how challenge coins became official. One of the earliest is from a colonel, Colonel “Buffalo Bill” Quinn. The colonel fought for his country during the Korean War, and he had coins made to be distributed to all members of his squadron. This unique coin has two different designs on each side – a buffalo on one side, and the troops’ emblem on the other. Soldiers pierced their coins because they prefer to wear these around their necks.

coinsAround June of 2011, Robert Gates, the Secretary of Defense shook hands with members of the Armed forces located in the military bases in Afghanistan. It may appear as a simple handshake and trade of respect, but it was, in fact, a “secret handshake” alongside a challenge coin from the Secretary. Challenge coins especially made by www.ChallengeCoins4Less.com are not always passed on by secret handshakes, but it has become a practice to several military occasions.

When it comes to challenge coins, the President and the Vice President will not be left out. There are usually a few, but nothing compares to the challenge coin handed by the president himself. This is the most exceptional among all challenge coins and is sought after by many.

For custom military coins www.ChallengeCoins4Less.com is committed to meeting your needs without any hassle on your part. We craft challenge coins that represent bravery, integrity and services no matter which branch of Armed Forces you are in. They are not only keepsakes, but a symbol of you and your fellow unit members and the experiences you share. That is why we ensure that the coins you get from us are something you can exchange with pride.

Police coins can never be left out. For nearly a century, police coins are based on those carried by the U.S. Military.

Coins from the fire department are exceptionally made like the others, too. We offer creative new designs for both professional and volunteer firefighters to reflect your astounding dedication in a professional manner.

As much as we highlight our services at making challenge coins, we also cater requests for corporate or business coins. To commemorate company milestones, and recognize achievements made by employees, corporate coins are the best way to go. Corporate coins have migrated from the U.S. military and have become more and more popular these days. We offer the best quality corporate coins that your employees can display with pride.

Every coin order is inclusive of free shipping to USA, free artwork and design, unlimited revisions, free color matching, and of course, 100% quality guaranteed.

Our company is committed to you, dear customers with the best quality products within your budget. This business will never be a success without the help of our trained and knowledgeable staff and of course, your trust. As long as you are satisfied with our services, that means we all get a pat on the back.

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