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The Specials Lanyards

The Specials Lanyards

Aside from the type of materials, designs, and colors, lanyards also vary in their special features. Special lanyards are best for people who want to stand out. Although more costly that the ordinary ones, these special lanyards may give the customers even greater convenience and satisfaction.

Variation of Woven Lanyards

Specials LanyardsWoven lanyards are made of weaved high-quality polyester materials. These are among the most common types of lanyards but they still come in different variants.

Mono Layer Woven Lanyard

In this type, the design is woven into the surface of the lanyard. The back surface contains a negative image of its opposite side. Mono Layer Lanyards are more durable than regular types of lanyard.

Hollow Woven Lanyard

Its durability is roughly the same as that of the Mono Layer, while the processes done in crafting it are similar with those of Linking Woven lanyards. The difference of Hollow Woven lanyard lies in its woven texts or logos – they are same on both sides.

Linking Woven Lanyard

These lanyards are really durable. The woven images in Linking Woven lanyards are visible on both sides. However, the reverse of the original design is clearer.

Woven Satin Lanyard

These lanyards are the top pick for companies that need something classy enough for establishing their name. The materials used in making Woven Satin lanyards are satin and flat polyester.

Elastic Woven Lanyard

A lanyard that is slightly elasticized, the Elastic Woven lanyard is simple, affordable, and yet attractive.

Heat Transfer Woven Lanyard

This Woven lanyard is also made of satin and flat polyester. It has the combined benefits of heat transfer printing and satin labels. Any design may be printed on this lanyard, as there are no color and intricacy limitations.

Other Special Lanyards

These are other special lanyards that offer unique and excellent features.

Reflective Lanyards

These are best for employees who work at night. The reflective label of these lanyards increases the wearer’s visibility.

Reflective lanyards are made of polyester. A reflective label is sewn on its polyester base, which basically makes it a two-layer lanyard.

Colorful Lanyards

These, on the other hand, are best for stylish and fashionable people. Colorful lanyards are definitely eye-catching. For the design, you may choose another three colors to be woven onto its colorful surface. The surface is made of yarns of different colors.

They are also made of polyester. Printing is, however, not possible for this type. The ideal designs are country flags which consist of horizontal and vertical lines.

Rhinestone Lanyards

These lanyards are popular with women who like a luxurious and stylish look. Rhinestone lanyards are made of both plastic rhinestones and polyester. Any color can be applied to them.

There is another variation to this type. Some lanyard makers offer customization services, making it possible to add rhinestones to the surface. The pattern depends on the customer’s preferences.

Zipper Lanyards

Absolutely unique and trendy, Zipper lanyards never fail to stand out. You may zip the lanyard close after wearing it then zip it open again to slip it over.

Round Lanyards

Round lanyards are attractive and comfortable. Their best feature is their softness; they are softer than any other regular lanyard. The designs can either be woven on the lanyard’s surface or printed on the polyester label surrounding the lanyard.

Luggage Belt Lanyards

These lanyards are much thicker than most; they are indeed for heavy duty. You may use them in carrying your luggage. The designs can either be silkscreen printed of heat transferred.

Eco-Friendly Lanyards

Last but definitely not the least, Eco-friendly lanyards are great for organizations which promote green living. These lanyards are made from bamboo, organic cotton, or PET. Bamboo and cotton are both really soft materials but they cannot withstand high temperatures.

Given all these types and variants, one thing should be clear – you won’t run out of options if you’re choosing among these remarkable laces.

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What Are Badge Lanyards?

What Are Badge Lanyards?

Badge lanyards, also known as ID lanyards, are typically used to carry identification cards and are worn in places where personal identification, recognition, or classification is necessary. Examples of these places are schools, offices, hospitals, amusement parks and other public places.

Different Types Of Lanyards Are As Follows:

These types of lanyards are also commonly seen in large mass assemblies, such as in conferences, concerts, and many major sporting events.

They are also very effective when you need to show your badge or ID to someone in a hurry as it is easily seen on your chest. You do not have to grab your wallet from your pocket to look for your badge or actually show it from there. Wearing a lanyard around your neck is an efficient and convenient way of displaying your ID the whole time at work or any other specific event.

Cord LanyardsBadge lanyards are usually made of plaited textile or some form of semi-plastic or polyester material, although currently there are rubber-made varieties that are slowly being introduced. Technically, it works with a clip or a J-hook at the end where a transparent plastic card holder is attached. The identification card is inserted into the plastic card holder and the lanyard is worn like a necklace.

Contemporary designs of this lanyard include an adjustable strap to suit the length of the item for a particular user size. Sometimes it has a detachable end as well. This is useful when the user would have to hand over his ID to a security personnel or a ticket cashier, for example, during inspection.

Aside from being used as an identification instrument, badge lanyards can also be effective tools for marketing and branding as company names, slogans, or logos can be printed on their surfaces.

It can also be used to promote environmental or social causes.

There are many other items that can be used as promotional materials, such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, pens, notebooks or jackets. Although these things are also effective, nothing can replace the lightness and handiness of ID lanyards to its receiver.

Since these types of lanyards have clips at the end, a user can also take advantage of it to hold keys, sunglasses, or external USB drives. He can even hang his mobile phone on it and go hands-free with earphones if he wants to.

There are so many common modern uses for this kind of novelty item.

As a matter of fact, many of the top companies today are using badge lanyards as corporate giveaways during special events, such as in anniversaries, Christmas parties, or employee appreciation nights. They are also given as promotional items for their visitors, existing clients, and potential customers. Some international foundations and organizations also utilize them to draw in support from public and private institutions and spread awareness of their specific cause.

In today’s business world, branding is regarded as one of the most essential components of a company’s reputation management program. If you want your company to convey or communicate a good brand image both for internal and external stakeholders, then creating a custom-designed ID lanyard that represents your official colors and logo is one of the most economical and low-cost solutions that you can try. Just ensure to have well-composed wordings and a well-designed item that would appropriately signify your organization.

Badge lanyards can be purchased ready-made in different colors and lengths without any prints, but you can also order specially made items that are based on your own custom letterings, images, and design. Because they are worn around a part of the body that is highly visible, lanyards are widely considered as one of the most effective instruments to present or introduce your company or group to the community.