7 qualities of good seo consultants

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SEO specialists help a business thrive in the industry. They create effective strategies with the goal of making a company get higher search engine rankings. Expert seo consultants know how to achieve higher website rankings, but how do you find out that you have hired the best ones? Here are 10 qualities you should look for in seo consultants. When most or all of these are present, you can be assured that your business will grow.

They love to learn.

good-seo-consultantsMajor search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google are always changing their algorithms. Change is the nature of the industry. Some strategies that were ones helpful to the websites may no longer work. Good consultants should be up to date with what will work and what will not. They should be able to also pick up on other skills that will contribute to getting higher rankings in search engines. Good consultants who love to learn new things are usually the ones who listen intently to their clients. They take notes of the important details and suggest appropriate techniques for search engine rankings.

They are effective communicators.

Seo consultants should regularly communicate with their clients. And not just communicate, but really listen to what the clients really want. They should also keep in touch with the clients if there are changes, or if they have new strategies to implement to the website. All forms of communication are highly encouraged. It is better for the consultant to lay out all the details of his plans and discuss what needs to be done. If the consultant would be able to communicate well with the client, they will most likely achieve good results.

They are persistent and determined.

When you hire a consultant who never gives up, you are on the right track. Keep working with that consultant. He will likely help you succeed. Good seo consultants always find a way to solve a problem. They take the time to research and think for a better and a more effective solution. They understand that getting great results will take time, but they will be patient. Rest assured, they will be with you all the way.

They think out of the box.

Good consultants are creative. They take the road less traveled and explore unchartered territories. They think of new ways that will contribute to the goal. They like to experiment and still follow the best seo practices. Creative consultants also look for other tools that will help them solve a problem. Yes, they can find all the possible ways of getting higher search engine rankings.

They have extensive knowledge on the subject.

Expert consultants know a great deal about the subject. They spend most of their time learning what really works. Most consultants who are expert in their field also have worked with many clients already. They have more experiences than amateur consultants. If you have enough budget, look for these consultants. They sure will know how to help you achieve better search engine rankings. If they know seo too much, they are passionate about the subject. And passion always saves the day.
They have good analytical skills.seoSometimes it is not enough to be just knowledgeable about the subject. Knowledge is power, yes, however, it is also best for a consultant to have great analytical skills. As they say, different strokes for different folks. This holds true to seo as well. What works for a certain website may not work for another. Good seo consultants should analyze a website well to be able to know which strategies to implement. If they have enough experience, they should be able to find out what works best. They need to also consider the type of industry the business is in before coming up with effective strategies.

They read a lot.

Good consultants are wide readers on the subject. They read about other people’s experiences with seo too. This helps them gain more knowledge on the subject. If they buy books about seo and not just download eBooks on their device, they are most likely the type of consultants who have insatiable desire for learning. Treat these consultants well for they can help you achieve your business goals.

You are lucky if you can get a consultant who has all of these qualities at an affordable price. Yes, they are out there. If you are patient enough to look for them, you will find one. Not all consultants are after the money. There are those who are just passionate in helping companies achieve their goals.

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A Slice of History Shared from One Generation to Another by www.Challengecoins4less.Com Custom-Made Coins

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What are challenge coins anyway? A challenge coin is an object, which aims to signify that someone is a legit member of an army, troop, or squadron in the military. Over the years, it has become more popular, but only a few know the mystery behind it.

What do they look like?

military-coinsIf you will have your coins custom made at www.ChallengeCoins4Less.com, the typical size will be a diameter of 2 inches. The coins can also be as thick as 1/10 inch. The coins are made with a wide selection of finishes, and the designs range from the simplest to extravagant.

The existence of challenge coins began during the time of Ancient Rome. Whenever soldiers come home from battle, the king will reward them of their valor by giving them their day’s pay with a unique coin as a plus. Experts say that this coin is exceptional because it is particularly stamped with a legion from where it came. Soldiers treat these items as keepsakes. They make it a point not to use these coins in exchange for wine or women.

Now, it is still regarded as a token of appreciation, but some merely use it almost like business cards or dedications to add to their collection. Moreover, you can use it as an identification badge or sell it in charity or in fundraising activities. If you will have yours done by us, it will be shipped individually packed with clear PVC pouches, but we can also have the packages upgraded by using a velvet bag, coin capsule, velvet presentation box, custom pouch insert, or coin stand.

There were no records showing how challenge coins became official. One of the earliest is from a colonel, Colonel “Buffalo Bill” Quinn. The colonel fought for his country during the Korean War, and he had coins made to be distributed to all members of his squadron. This unique coin has two different designs on each side – a buffalo on one side, and the troops’ emblem on the other. Soldiers pierced their coins because they prefer to wear these around their necks.

coinsAround June of 2011, Robert Gates, the Secretary of Defense shook hands with members of the Armed forces located in the military bases in Afghanistan. It may appear as a simple handshake and trade of respect, but it was, in fact, a “secret handshake” alongside a challenge coin from the Secretary. Challenge coins especially made by www.ChallengeCoins4Less.com are not always passed on by secret handshakes, but it has become a practice to several military occasions.

When it comes to challenge coins, the President and the Vice President will not be left out. There are usually a few, but nothing compares to the challenge coin handed by the president himself. This is the most exceptional among all challenge coins and is sought after by many.

For custom military coins www.ChallengeCoins4Less.com is committed to meeting your needs without any hassle on your part. We craft challenge coins that represent bravery, integrity and services no matter which branch of Armed Forces you are in. They are not only keepsakes, but a symbol of you and your fellow unit members and the experiences you share. That is why we ensure that the coins you get from us are something you can exchange with pride.

Police coins can never be left out. For nearly a century, police coins are based on those carried by the U.S. Military.

Coins from the fire department are exceptionally made like the others, too. We offer creative new designs for both professional and volunteer firefighters to reflect your astounding dedication in a professional manner.

As much as we highlight our services at making challenge coins, we also cater requests for corporate or business coins. To commemorate company milestones, and recognize achievements made by employees, corporate coins are the best way to go. Corporate coins have migrated from the U.S. military and have become more and more popular these days. We offer the best quality corporate coins that your employees can display with pride.

Every coin order is inclusive of free shipping to USA, free artwork and design, unlimited revisions, free color matching, and of course, 100% quality guaranteed.

Our company is committed to you, dear customers with the best quality products within your budget. This business will never be a success without the help of our trained and knowledgeable staff and of course, your trust. As long as you are satisfied with our services, that means we all get a pat on the back.

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The History of Golf balls

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Golf balls are one of the most recognized sports equipment. These are small balls that are hit using a golf club. Commonly colored white, the exterior of a standard golf ball is covered with grooves. The inside of the golf ball is a solid core made out of chemical resin. This describes today’s golf balls.

golf ballsGolf balls were not instantly made in such a way. Golf ball makers have tried a lot of methods and alternatives before coming up with the modern golf ball. Even now, they are still trying to improve the most recent version of golf ball. They first manufactured the balls using hardwood. The first known kinds of balls were the hardwood balls made from the beech or box trees. The wooden golf ball was prevalent from the 14th century to the 17th.

Near the end of the 17th century, makers of golf balls have started looking for better alternatives. Soon, they came up with the featherie or feathery. This then became the official replacement of hardwood balls.

The featherie is made by making round leather pouches, which would be filled with feathers and then stitched shut manually. Before they are used as stuffing, the feathers, either from chicken or from goose, should have been boiled first, until they become soft. To know how many feathers would be stuffed inside the pouch, golf ball makers make an estimate by filling a gentleman’s top hat.

Though the featherie shows better flight statistics than the hardwood, there are still a number of problems with using it as the official golf ball. For one, the makers find it highly tedious and time-consuming to produce just a single piece of featherie. This is because it is very difficult to create a pouch that could be impeccably turned into a properly rounded ball. In fact, most of the featheries created would turn out to be slightly deformed or irregular, thereby leading to upsetting performance. In addition, because of the problematic way of creating a featherie, it could neither be mass produced nor manufactured quickly. This therefore permits the makers to increase the price of the golf balls. A single featherie, in effect, costs just about two to five shillings back then.

Another issue with the featherie is its flimsiness. There is a tendency for the featherie to be torn apart when hit with a club or upon landing. This is especially true when the ball happens to be too wet.

Around the 19th century, golf ball makers have finally come up with a good replacement for the featherie. In 1948, a doctor called Robert Adams Patterson created the gutta-percha ball. This golf ball, popularly known as the guttie, was created from the dried sap of the Malaysian Sapodilla tree. Because the dried sap showed characteristics similar to rubber, the sap was used for the experiment. It was heated and molded then later cooled and dried. Because of the easy process of making guttie balls, manufacturers ceased to make the featherie and shifted their resources to making gutties.

An added bonus in using the guttie is that it could be reheated and remolded when it starts to distort because of too much hitting. It was also the bumps and grooves from the guttie that gave way to the idea of intentional dimples in balls. The players have seen how a dimpled guttie performs better and shows greater flight statistics than a perfectly-made guttie. Common observations reveal how dimpled balls fly more consistently than the smooth ones.

By the 1898, another version was created by wounding a rubber around the ball. This was called the wound golf ball or the Haskell golf ball. This ball opened up the possibilities of making golf ball with rubber or rubberized material.

www.rockbottomgolf.com is one of the top online store for all golf equipment, where you get a lots of variety and quality of accessories.

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Important Tips in Attaching Iron on Patches to Garments

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Iron on backings make it easy for us to place patches into fabrics whether for instant fix or designing purposes.This is mainly the reason why lots of people now prefer iron on patches. Due to its convenience, most of us tend to overlook the important points that must be done in order to ensure that the patches are strongly attached to the garments. Applying these vital factors can help promote protection and a better adhesive bond which will allow the patches to be attached longer to the fabrics.

Wash the Garment First

Wash GarmentIt is important to wash the garments first before attaching the iron on patches especially if the clothes are new orif the texture of its fabric is stiff. These kinds of clothes have sizing. This component on garments is the one that makes them stiff and when present, it hinders the iron on backing from being directly melted into the clothing. This problem can be addressed by washing the clothing first and through this, you can be certain that the adhesive will be attached directly to your garment. This will improve the strength of the patch’s bond to the fabrics and enable it to last longer.

Avoid Using Fabric Softeners before Application

Our clothes can get lots of benefits from fabric softeners. However, when it comes to applying iron on patches, it is best not to use them while the patches are not yet attached. Fabric softeners contain components that can get in the way of the adhesive from sticking properly to the garment. Though you might have dealt with sizing by washing your clothes to promote a better adhesion, you have to avoid using a fabric softener for now. It can no longer interfere once the patches are already attached and completely dried.

Certain Fabric Types Call for Specific Amounts of Heat

Fabrics differ in properties and this determines the amount of heat required for the adhesives to be attached properly to them. For example, delicate fabrics such as rayon only require a low heat temperature. With this in mind, the person applying the patches should press the iron longer in order to be certain that the adhesive will properly melt and attach to the garment. Iron on backings might all look the same, however, this does not mean that users can get similar results when using the same temperature on different types of fabrics.

Right Fabrics

Right FabricsIron on patches are not applicable to all types of fabric. They can be attached to lots of fabric types such as cotton, rayon and denim but are not advised to use on elastic fabrics, plastic-based fabrics, nylon and leather since they are not able to stand heat. They can be ruined while attaching an iron on patch.

Steam Iron is Highly Discouraged

The patches can get moisture from the mist or steam that comes from these kinds of irons. This can interfere with the efficiency of the adhesive causing the patches to have a weak attachment to the garments.

Apply a Constant and Steady Pressure

Wrinkles on clothes can easily be straightened out by moving the iron. However, when the iron is moved back and forth while applying the patches, their proper alignment can be ruined. You only need to press the iron against the patch in order for the heat to be evenly distributed. You would not want your patches to be displaced because of this.


Preheat the surface padding as well as the iron. This will enable the backing of your patches to melt faster, causing them to be placed effectively in a shorter amount of time.

Allow the Patches to Cool Down

Avoid using the newly patched garments right away. The adhesive needs to cool down since it can burn your skin on contact. Let it dry completely before wearing the cloth.

Bear these factors in mind to ensure that your iron on patches will last long on your garments.

Author Bio:
Custom embroidered patches provides a high-quality look without the high cost. In addition, you get the flexibility of adding your customized design to any article of clothing regardless of size, shape, or fabric.

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Live in a suburban setting: Find a Long Island Real Estate Property

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If you are looking for a suburban environment, Long Island is the right place to buy a house. Long Island in New York is the most populated island in the United States. It has both the nature setting and the city setting. It has a long stretch of beaches and parks with other outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, and golf. Meanwhile, it also has growing industries on engineering, technology, and scientific research. Whether for a permanent home or a vacation home, Long Island real estate is at an ideal spot with the right balance of a rural and urban life.

Getting a house in Long Island is a big decision because a real estate property is something permanent. It is not easily replaceable you must definitely buy your ideal house and not settle for anything less. The house must be something that fits your present lifestyle and your possible future lifestyle. Buying real estate involves a huge amount of money. The total price of the property and the payment scheme must be aligned with your present income capacity and your future revenue. Purchasing real estate in Long Island can be rewarding if it meets both the requisites of your ideal house and your budget allocation.

Selecting your Ideal House:


LocationBefore deciding on a particular property to buy, you have to be specific about the requisites of your ideal house. First factor to consider is the location. Aside from the suburban setting of Long Island, there are more location aspects to decide upon. There are also more detailed considerations such as walkability and accessibility to transportation. It also must be accessible to schools and other developments. Where the house is situated is a crucial factor in the first stages of selection.

B.Property Type

Property TypeNext is that you have to select the property type: single detached house or condominium unit. It will help you decide on the property type if you can think about the minimum and maximum floor area that you want for your space. You can be more precise by choosing how many bedrooms and how many bathrooms do you need. Other areas that you may want to check availability are the following: dining room, family room, garage, basement, pool, fireplace, water view, etc. Specified room requirements are important since they will be the spaces where you will be living in.

Given your desired location and room requirements, you can seek search engines that will help you find the right match of what you exactly need. There are various websites that can help you search for available Long Island real estate properties. However, you have to be mindful about picking a credible real estate finder. What you need is a web help with updated listings and accurate information.

Deciding on a Budget:

A.Property Price

After deciding on the requisites of your ideal house, you can move onto allocating a budget. Your options range from a luxurious mansion to an austere house depending on your assigned budget. However, the wisest purchase is still to get the most out of your money. To achieve this, you have to examine your options. There are a lot of available options that you can compare and analyze to finally decide which the worthiest property to obtain.

B.Payment Scheme

Another budget-related concern is the payment scheme. It involves terms and conditions such as down payment, monthly payment schedules, interest rates, etc. In financial concerns, you may need assistance from a broker. Brokers help you get the best deal, the right mortgage, and other financial services related to loans and credit card records. Payment for real estate purchases often has collaterals and is paid in long-term.

Having considered the total cost and the payment scheme of the Long Island real estate that you plan to buy, you need a trustworthy broker to help you out. You can search for website services that can assist you in hiring the right licensed broker. You must choose a broker that can best fit your budget to your desired property. The right broker for you is the one with your best interest in mind.


Purchasing a Long Island real estate property is a wise decision if it is in accordance to your ideal house and to your preferred budget. To do so, you can get help from web search engines and professional brokers. To make it even easier, you can seek help from one-stop shop websites that have both these services –advanced search engines and broker assistance. If you will be able to avail of such services, your new home in the suburban Long Island is just a click away.

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5 Advantages of Using Rubber Bracelets

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In this modern fashion world, accessories can’t be taken out of the picture mainly because they add more style to what a person is wearing. Some accessories add glamour while some complete a particular theme. There are also accessories that are worn in wrists to convey a specific message – and these are called rubber wristbands.

Despite all of the fashion trends, these rubber bracelets still manage to become popular to a lot of industries and organizations. To name a few, they are used as: promotional items on advertisements; to commemorate a particular event or even to raise awareness on certain causes. The purpose of delivering messages from all of these situations will not be possible without the rubber wristbands’ customizable feature.

However, always consider the occasion and plan the design of customized bracelets according to it. This is to prevent the ineffectiveness of the message for that particular event. What makes them popular to each and every industry out there? Check out the 5 reasons below:

1.    They are good at effectively promoting a specific message :

Rubber BraceletsAs mentioned earlier, rubber wristbands should be customized depending on the event. In case of setting up fundraising events or charitable concerts, it will be a good idea to give away rubber wristbands with messages that contain words such as “for the benefit of…” and “support the….”.

For environmental groups, giving away custom rubber wristbands that support green living and anti-smoking campaign is a great way of promoting their love and care for nature. What’s good about custom bracelets is that organizations could also choose the color and design of the letters and logos before imprinting them.

2.    They are inexpensive :

Due to their affordable price, rubber wristbands can be purchased in wholesale even by small organizations and groups. While large organizations use these items as an opportunity to solidify their brands, small companies can use it to start promoting themselves in the industry.

Whether given by small or large organization, target audience accepts these items and eventually promotes the brand or message through word of mouth. In marketing, this is considered as one of the most affordable yet effective way of getting a wider reach apart from giving away flyers or leaflets.

3.    They are durable : 

Some may agree that cheap products are of low quality but this is not always the case especially for rubber bracelets. Rubber is known for its durable properties and a thick rubber is used to create one custom wristband – enough to withstand a pressure from forced or accidental pulling.

Apart from the durability of the item’s surface, messages printed on don’t easily fade away. In fact, clients can also request for the messages to be debossed or embossed on the rubber surface instead of printing them. With all these durable characteristics, clients are assured that the customized bracelets can be used for a period of one year or two. By this time, a lot of people have already seen and understood the message of these bracelets especially if they are regularly worn outside.

4.    They bring out one’s creativity :

Apart from the message to be conveyed, another essential thing to consider in customizing rubber wristbands is its overall design. It should have an aesthetic appeal to people in order for its message to become more effective.

For this matter, creativity should start from the minds of companies and organizations who want to give these items away. Take note of every details starting from the base color, text color, text size, layout up to the width of the strap before submitting them.

Once done, make sure to settle the total cost of customizing rubber bracelets and leave it all up to the hands of the bracelet makers. Keep in mind that the total cost will depend on the colors used, style, design and number of wristbands to be made. In this case, it’s recommended to get a quote or estimate of total cost first depending on the preferred design.

5.    They provide convenience :

It’s easy to purchase them from thrift shops or online retailers. In addition, it won’t take a long period of time to customize rubber wristbands even as rush orders. Above all, they are lightweight and handy. People can simply give it to anyone at anytime and anywhere.

Now that the 5 benefits of using rubber bracelets have finally been revealed, it’s about time to come up with designs and messages that can attract prospective clients or even influence a lot of people.

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How Printed Circuit Boards Work

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Printed circuit boards are boards that support the wiring in most electronic devices like beepers, pagers, radios, and computers. You will recognize them easily as most of them are colored green, although other PCBs come in different colors. Simple electronic devices only have one layer, while complicated devices can contain up to 12 layers. An example of a complicated PCB is a motherboard of a computer.

PCBDesigning a board that fit into industry standard specifications can help companies keep down the cost of their end products and increase its long term reliability. That means customers will keep coming back.

The Types of Printed Circuit Boards

Single- Sided – Simple electronic devices use a single- sided board. All of the components of these electronics are found all on one side.

Double- Sided – If the components are too much for a single- sided board, they make another board for the other components. The electrical connections on each board are connected by drilling holes in the surface and covering it with a conducting material like metal.

Multi- layered – Devices with complicated components require a multi- layered PCB. They are made up of layers of printed circuits that is connected by plated holes.

How the Components inside the Circuits are Connected

Through Hole Technology – With the Hole Technology, the components contain thin wires pushed through a small plated hole in the surface. They are then soldered to pads on the other side of the circuit either manually or by the use of automated machine.

Surface Mount Technology – With the newest technology, L-shaped or J-shaped legs on the components are directly placed on the surface. This technology saves a lot of time and costs.

Manufacturers today use both of these technologies.

The Structure of a Printed Circuit Board

FR4 – The surface or what they call the substrate, is made of a fiberglass. It is also known as simply FR4. This material gives printed circuits board its thickness. There are also cheaper per boards like the phenolics and epoxies. They do not have the durability that FR4 offers. You will know these kind of materials when you smell them. They smell really bad. Also, they are mostly found in low-end electronics.

Copper – Found on the next layer is the copper foil. It is usually laminated to the board. They use adhesive and heat in laminating the cover. On industry standard PCBs, the copper foil is found on both sides. Electronics that are priced lower only have copper on one side.

Try to avoid lower-end electronics as it doesn’t last longer. PCBs with higher power use more copper compared to a standard PCB.

Solder mask – Most of the PCBs you’ll see are colored green. The solder mask, which is found on top of copper gives printed circuit boards its green color.

Silkscreen – This is needed to better understand the board. The silkscreen, which is applied, on the solder mask layer, add numbers, letters, and symbols to the board to make it easier to assemble. Silkscreen color is white, but you may still use other color like black or gray. What’s important is it can be seen in the board.

Printed Circuit Boards can be complicated for people not familiar with the product. If you use an electronic device and you want to know how that thing works, check its PCB. Just an important reminder though: if you are not at all familiar with the components of a printed circuit board, try not to touch anything if you still want your electronic device to work.

Some boards are very sensitive. What you can do is just take a look at it and be amazed at how such a little thing could give life to an electronic device.

Author Bio:
Printed Circuit Boards can be complicated for people not familiar with the product. If you use an electronic device and you want to know how that thing works, check www.pcbnet.com.

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The Specials Lanyards

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Aside from the type of materials, designs, and colors, lanyards also vary in their special features. Special lanyards are best for people who want to stand out. Although more costly that the ordinary ones, these special lanyards may give the customers even greater convenience and satisfaction.

Variation of Woven Lanyards

Specials LanyardsWoven lanyards are made of weaved high-quality polyester materials. These are among the most common types of lanyards but they still come in different variants.

Mono Layer Woven Lanyard

In this type, the design is woven into the surface of the lanyard. The back surface contains a negative image of its opposite side. Mono Layer Lanyards are more durable than regular types of lanyard.

Hollow Woven Lanyard

Its durability is roughly the same as that of the Mono Layer, while the processes done in crafting it are similar with those of Linking Woven lanyards. The difference of Hollow Woven lanyard lies in its woven texts or logos – they are same on both sides.

Linking Woven Lanyard

These lanyards are really durable. The woven images in Linking Woven lanyards are visible on both sides. However, the reverse of the original design is clearer.

Woven Satin Lanyard

These lanyards are the top pick for companies that need something classy enough for establishing their name. The materials used in making Woven Satin lanyards are satin and flat polyester.

Elastic Woven Lanyard

A lanyard that is slightly elasticized, the Elastic Woven lanyard is simple, affordable, and yet attractive.

Heat Transfer Woven Lanyard

This Woven lanyard is also made of satin and flat polyester. It has the combined benefits of heat transfer printing and satin labels. Any design may be printed on this lanyard, as there are no color and intricacy limitations.

Other Special Lanyards

These are other special lanyards that offer unique and excellent features.

Reflective Lanyards

These are best for employees who work at night. The reflective label of these lanyards increases the wearer’s visibility.

Reflective lanyards are made of polyester. A reflective label is sewn on its polyester base, which basically makes it a two-layer lanyard.

Colorful Lanyards

These, on the other hand, are best for stylish and fashionable people. Colorful lanyards are definitely eye-catching. For the design, you may choose another three colors to be woven onto its colorful surface. The surface is made of yarns of different colors.

They are also made of polyester. Printing is, however, not possible for this type. The ideal designs are country flags which consist of horizontal and vertical lines.

Rhinestone Lanyards

These lanyards are popular with women who like a luxurious and stylish look. Rhinestone lanyards are made of both plastic rhinestones and polyester. Any color can be applied to them.

There is another variation to this type. Some lanyard makers offer customization services, making it possible to add rhinestones to the surface. The pattern depends on the customer’s preferences.

Zipper Lanyards

Absolutely unique and trendy, Zipper lanyards never fail to stand out. You may zip the lanyard close after wearing it then zip it open again to slip it over.

Round Lanyards

Round lanyards are attractive and comfortable. Their best feature is their softness; they are softer than any other regular lanyard. The designs can either be woven on the lanyard’s surface or printed on the polyester label surrounding the lanyard.

Luggage Belt Lanyards

These lanyards are much thicker than most; they are indeed for heavy duty. You may use them in carrying your luggage. The designs can either be silkscreen printed of heat transferred.

Eco-Friendly Lanyards

Last but definitely not the least, Eco-friendly lanyards are great for organizations which promote green living. These lanyards are made from bamboo, organic cotton, or PET. Bamboo and cotton are both really soft materials but they cannot withstand high temperatures.

Given all these types and variants, one thing should be clear – you won’t run out of options if you’re choosing among these remarkable laces.

www.the-lanyard-factory.com we produce only the highest quality, professional-looking customized lanyards for companies, trade shows and organizations around the world.

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A keynote speakers checklist

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If you want to be an effective keynote speaker, you have to make sure that you deliver the best and most effective keynote speech. Of course, your effectiveness as a keynoter will also depend on the quality of the speech and the way it’s delivered.

With that said, here are some considerations that a keynote speaker needs to keep in mind at all times:


Know the purpose of your client for hiring you

Just because you are the speaker does not mean that you have all the freedom to do what you want to do on stage. You will have to do that speech primarily because your client hired you to do so. Therefore, you have to do what the client wants you to do.

There is a notable difference between different types of keynote speeches. Of course, there are also some variations as to what the client might want you to do. There are some who want a keynote speaker who will motivate the audience to do something or to act upon an issue. There are also some who want a speaker who can effectively promote their company or organization. The way you will deliver your speech will then depend on these purposes.

If you know your client’s purpose or mission, you will also be able to identify your own purpose. If you want the audience to know how to do something, then you want to deliver an instructional speech. If you want them to be persuaded or inspired to do something, then you will give them a motivational speech. If you want the audience to know the organization well, then you are going to do a promotional speech. Again, it is important that you know your speech’s goal because that will lead the direction of your speech.

Know your audience

One of the most common rules in communication is “know your audience.” Getting to know the audience is a very important thing for a keynote speaker—or for any speakers or communicators out there, for this matter—because this will help you identify how you will have to deal with them. For instance, if you know that your audience are a group of women, you will not want to discuss with them things that only men will appreciate or understand. On the other hand, if your audience is a group of young adults or teenagers, then you will have to present your keynote speech in such a way that people their age will appreciate. (You can include in your speech things that young people can relate to, such as social media, movies, music, celebrities, etc.) Regardless what your subject matter is, your presentation will still vary depending on the characteristics that your audience have.

Do a research beforehand

A research is always important before doing something as big as speeches. The information that you will gather through your research can help as well as guide you through the entire process—from crafting your speech to delivering it.

You can ask your client directly for some information that you will need for your speech. You can ask them about the purpose as well as the theme of the event or the conference, some challenges that the group is facing as of the moment, other speakers that will be at the event as well, and even the previous keynote speakers that have been to the event. These types of information can help you determine how you should perform, and even identify the expectations that your client has on you. You can also do your research using some documents. You can use the internet to get brief background information about the organization as well as the possible audience of the event.

Once you already have the information that you need, you can now craft your keynote speech based on these data that you have.

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What Are Badge Lanyards?

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Badge lanyards, also known as ID lanyards, are typically used to carry identification cards and are worn in places where personal identification, recognition, or classification is necessary. Examples of these places are schools, offices, hospitals, amusement parks and other public places.

Different Types Of Lanyards Are As Follows:

These types of lanyards are also commonly seen in large mass assemblies, such as in conferences, concerts, and many major sporting events.

They are also very effective when you need to show your badge or ID to someone in a hurry as it is easily seen on your chest. You do not have to grab your wallet from your pocket to look for your badge or actually show it from there. Wearing a lanyard around your neck is an efficient and convenient way of displaying your ID the whole time at work or any other specific event.

Cord LanyardsBadge lanyards are usually made of plaited textile or some form of semi-plastic or polyester material, although currently there are rubber-made varieties that are slowly being introduced. Technically, it works with a clip or a J-hook at the end where a transparent plastic card holder is attached. The identification card is inserted into the plastic card holder and the lanyard is worn like a necklace.

Contemporary designs of this lanyard include an adjustable strap to suit the length of the item for a particular user size. Sometimes it has a detachable end as well. This is useful when the user would have to hand over his ID to a security personnel or a ticket cashier, for example, during inspection.

Aside from being used as an identification instrument, badge lanyards can also be effective tools for marketing and branding as company names, slogans, or logos can be printed on their surfaces.

It can also be used to promote environmental or social causes.

There are many other items that can be used as promotional materials, such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, pens, notebooks or jackets. Although these things are also effective, nothing can replace the lightness and handiness of ID lanyards to its receiver.

Since these types of lanyards have clips at the end, a user can also take advantage of it to hold keys, sunglasses, or external USB drives. He can even hang his mobile phone on it and go hands-free with earphones if he wants to.

There are so many common modern uses for this kind of novelty item.

As a matter of fact, many of the top companies today are using badge lanyards as corporate giveaways during special events, such as in anniversaries, Christmas parties, or employee appreciation nights. They are also given as promotional items for their visitors, existing clients, and potential customers. Some international foundations and organizations also utilize them to draw in support from public and private institutions and spread awareness of their specific cause.

In today’s business world, branding is regarded as one of the most essential components of a company’s reputation management program. If you want your company to convey or communicate a good brand image both for internal and external stakeholders, then creating a custom-designed ID lanyard that represents your official colors and logo is one of the most economical and low-cost solutions that you can try. Just ensure to have well-composed wordings and a well-designed item that would appropriately signify your organization.

Badge lanyards can be purchased ready-made in different colors and lengths without any prints, but you can also order specially made items that are based on your own custom letterings, images, and design. Because they are worn around a part of the body that is highly visible, lanyards are widely considered as one of the most effective instruments to present or introduce your company or group to the community.

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Benefits of Chat Service for Your Website

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Have you ever thought of setting up your own chat service for website? Have you ever heard how many online businesses gained an edge on their competition by using it? If you haven’t yet, here are some great reasons why you should start considering having your own live chat support.

Live Chat1.You can increase your sales in no time. Potential customers will be able to have immediate assistance instead of waiting for telephone queues or email responses. It helps build customer confidence and trust. They can have their answers right away in case there are some things that they don’t understand about your products.

2.The employees will be able to ask your customers right away if they needed support. It wouldn’t be so annoying as face-to-face encounter since the customers will have the freedom to ignore the live chat and simply log in and engage in conversation when they want to.

3.There will be an improvement in customer’s loyalty. Once you gain their trust, there is a greater chance that they will come back to seek your friendly an immediate service.

4.The employees can serve more than one customer at a time. They can open multiple chat windows and answer customers’ inquiries simultaneously. This will not only prevent the customers from waiting for a long time, but it will also increase the productivity of your employees.

5.You will be more competitive with live chat service for website. Your customers will be more satisfied with your impromptu online support, giving them the purchase experience that they need.

6.You can easily receive feedback from your customers. When you have their feedbacks, you will be able to have enough information about your customers’ needs and desires. This will be helpful for you in improving and enhancing your business thus giving the customers better purchasing experience.

7.You can reduce your expenses and customer support. By using live chat service, you will no longer need to pay for extra phone services. And since your employees can answer more than one customer at a time, you no longer need to hire and pay more employees.

How to Get the Best Experience

You can only provide an excellent chat service for website if your employees are well-trained. It would be better if you would hire people who have many years of sales experience because they already know how to deal with customers and meet their needs.

Live Chat supportMake sure to provide a warm human support. Customers get annoyed when they know that they are being given an auto response. Train your customers to response in a natural, professional manner that doesn’t sound like a robot.

Additionally, your employees must be trained how to answer politely to different kinds of customers. Some people can be annoying but the point of providing service is to help customers understand that you care for their needs. If the customers feel like you don’t want to serve them, then they might simply go to other online stores that have friendlier services.

Lastly, you must be aware of the shopping hours. If you are serving international customers, then you need to make sure that you can provide twenty four hours of live chat support. Use your sites live analytics to determine the time when there are many visitors in your site. If you can’t find any local employee to cover the night shift, you may find outsourcing help from Elance or Odesk.

The good thing is that live chat software usually come with at least 30 days of trial period. This is the best way to test if the live chat service for website can meet your business needs.

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